Europe has to open its borders, and step up its help to refugees and migrants.

With several major conflicts raging on its borders (Syria, Ukraine, Libya, Iraq, …) it’s no wonder masses of people are trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea, even in the dead of winter in near-zero temperatures. Out of over 7 million displaced people from the Syrian civil war, Germany has taken just 40,000 refugees, and next-up Sweden a mere 18,000. A joke.

To believe that a fortunate-to-have inland sea, some external patrols, and some more internal policing will prevent those people whose lives and health (and those of their families and children) are immediately at stake, from seeking shelter in the world’s safest haven, is also a joke. If you or I were from Syria, we would be trying to get to Europe right now.

As the Guardian reports: »One survivor from Wednesday’s disaster told their rescuers: “We know what fate we’re going towards and [we understand] the probabilities of dying, but it’s a sacrifice we consciously make to have a future.” «

A friend from Basel is involved with this amazing initiative (Watch The Med) which aims to monitor and investigate the cases, and get help to migrants on the high seas before it is too late.

One thought on “Enough

  1. connie says:

    Thank you for your informations! My respect to your freind Sarah Schilliger! Good to read about this kind of human engagement!
    You are right! It is a joke – a bad joke how europe is “helping”…


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